Welcome to my little home in the world (wide web).

I am an independent artisan who has a passion for creating. I crunch numbers, so to say by day, and craft beautiful art by night.  Truly a busy girl, but that's ok with me.  They say idle hands are the devil's workshop you know.

When constructing jewelry and now paper creations, I use the utmost care and quality of materials. I’m one of those meticulous characters and can assure you that this carries over into all that I do. I take pride in the designs I create; it is my sincere hope that you will fall in love with one (or two, or three perhaps)!  ;)

Loving naturally occurring materials, my jewelry works are primarily gemstones, wooden beads, pearls and glass. I refuse to use plastic or imitation materials. You will find that Sterling Silver is my metal of choice.

In regards to my paper goods, I seek out recycled materials, and strive to work as up-cycled as I can without sacrificing quality.

In case you are wondering, la Naváa means (to me) the beautiful. I derived this name from the Aramaic word “Nava,” meaning beautiful. Adding my own creativity, I refer to my little works of art as la Naváa.


"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as your works are for the Lord, not for men."
Colossians 3:23