Give a gift from the heart with la Naváa's Giving with Love

Paper Goods, Gifts and More!

Hand-folded :: Hand-stamped :: Hand-made

I hand-fold all la Naváa unique gift boxes, note cards and envelopes using recycled and up-cycled fibers. 

All la Naváa gifting goods are created in my home studio located in Central Wisconsin.  My inspiration comes from the natural beauty of my surroundings. 

Etsy was chosen for my online storefront as I believe in their mission to enable people to make a living making things, and to reconnect makers with buyers.  On Etsy, you will find a vast collection of shops which include jewelry and other handmade goods from artisans all over the world.  In my three Etsy shops, inlcuding where my paper creations are available, you will find designs made only by me.   

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